Who am I...?


I am Ellen, born in a small town in Holland.
I like peace and space. In my spare time I like to walk the dog in the woods and work in my garden. I love baking!

After a number of years of combining a beauty salon and brides. I decided to follow my passion and go all out for bridal styling. I specialize in bridal make up and bridal hairstyles.

I mainly focus on the destination wedding in Italy. This is because I think it is a beautiful country and I feel very much at home there. I speak the language and can often be found in Italy. It's easy to explain all details and wishes to me. I will remove the language barrier for you, and with a bit of luck I will already be in Italy and the travel costs will be lower. 
I would love to make you the princess of your own ball.

Bye! Ciao!